asphalt-VS-steel-shingles 371Go Green! Metal roofs over Asphalt Shingle 

Metal roofing contractors will install your choice of metal roofing material over top of existing asphalt roofs. For the homeowner this means no dumping fees and no environmental impact. Instead you get the roof you want with a lifetime transferable warranty installed in record time.

Residential re-roofing is a specialized trade in itself. It requires roofing crews to be sensitive to the fact that homeowners are living beneath a job site. We understand that you need to carry on with your day as we replace the roof over your head. New Steel Roofers Inc. specializes in residential re-roofing. Our courteous teams have years of experience working with homeowners. Customer comfort is paramount.

95% of our re-roofing solutions will not require removal of your existing roof. This makes for a much cleaner undertaking and never leaves the valued contents of your home exposed to the elements.

Re-roofing with asphalt shingles might look like a deceivingly convenient short term solution but can be very problematic in the long term. Go Green with your new roof, choose metal, it’s green it’s mean and it lasts forever.

metal roof over shingles